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Welcome to Olivia de Rossi Studio

Welcome to the portfolio of Olivia de Rossi, a place where you can discover her works, skills, and professional experience. A very recognizable "artist hand" of her can be sighted in Olivia's original paintings. 
"...Special attention must be given to the artist's landscape paintings: how delicately Olivia de Rossi treats with the perspective of the clouds, how beautifully they are drawn -  "Island", "Italian Twilight", "Thunderstorm" and, of course, "Olive Grove"...
...The fact that Olivia de Rossi easily "jumps" from one painting style to another became the hallmark of this artist.  I wish the  audience to see and understand the many facets of Olivia's works, her rich inner world, which bright colors she gladly shares with us..." (Prof. M.Vercholantzev,  Russian Academy of Arts).

 Take a moment to look through the gallery, and get in touch for more information.

Artist Profile


Olivia de Rossi is an active fine arts, self-made  professional. She contiguously continues to improve and develop her technique and endeavors to tell a personal narrative through her work. Translating a variety of artistic skills through numerous solo and collaborative projects, she has worked to make a reputable name and unique style. Olivia has an ability to easily transfer from one artistic style to another, rather than to adhere to once chosen pattern. This capability became her business card. In 2012, she had a honor to represent Israel at International Cannes Exhibition. Her works are exhibited in N. Roerich museum in Odessa, can be seen in Israeli Parliament - Knesset, were chosen for presenting
 political leaders (Nobel Peace laureate Shimon Peres 90-year anniversary, Georgian ex-president Shevarnadze and others). Take a look at the selected works, and get in touch for more information.

"There is nothing quite as wonderful, as a touch of reality and imagination, - a moment that sprouts those wings of artist, blessing him to fly into his artworks..."


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